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Hampiðjan’s new environmental director


Georg Haney has been appointed as the new environmental director at Hampiðjan, and he comes to the company after ten years of working wth fishing gear research at Iceland’s Marine and Freshwater Research Institute.

Keeping up with the twin-riggers


Síldarvinnslan’s freezer trawler Blængur has recently completed a trip in the Norwegian zone of the Barens Sea, and what attracted interest was that Blængur’s catch rates with its single trawl were not far behind those of the twin-rig trawlers on the same fishing grounds.

New shallow purse seine put through its paces


‘We started fishing of the Skarður shore and were off Alviðruhamrar when we called it a day and headed back to port. The catch was 1800 tonnes, taken in four shots.

Viðey’s perfectly-tuned Jagger


When he was ashore just after New Year, we spoke to Kristján E. Gíslason, who skippers Viðey RE-50 opposite Jóhannes Ellert Eiríksson, to ask about the outstanding success they and their crew have achieved as Iceland’s top-catching fresher trawler for 2021, having landed 10,347 tonnes over the year with a catch value of ISK2.1 billion.

Controllable doors from Thyborøn


Trials carried out with the crew of Danish pelagic vessel Themis S-144 from Skagen in the week before Christmas, confirm that the latest trawl doors from Thyborøn look highly promising.

Pelagic trawling with DynIce Data netsounder cable


Owners of 110 fishing vessels around the world have bought DynIce sounder cable since 2015.

Versatile T90 Excluder separates pelagic catches


Danish fishing gear company Cosmos Trawl, part of the Hampiðjan Group, has designed and developed a new selectivity device that looks very promising.

‘This machine is pure genius’


‘This machine is pure genius. It went like a dream and the surprise was how quickly it was all done,’ said skipper Friðleifur Einarsson of Brim’s fresher trawler Helga María, and he was referring to Hampiðjan’s new mobile wire tensioning unit which is used to spool warps onto winch drums under constant tension.

Hampiðjan achieves ISO 14001 environmental certification


Over the last few years Hampiðjan has systematically worked on a number of aspects of environmental issues and the basis of this goes back to the company setting out its environmental policy.

Fish move faster down to the codend


‘I’m very happy with the new blue whiting trawl. My feeling is that it fishes better than other gears I’ve tried, and the main reason is that the belly is designed so that fish make their way more quickly down to the codend,’ said Albert Sveinsson, skipper of Brim’s pelagic vessel Víkingur.

Hampiðjan Offshore’s DynIce Warp sets a record


Research vessel Kaimei, operated by Jamstec (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), has set a record by drilling into the seabed at a greater depth than has even been done before.

Considerably better results with this new trawl than with our comparable older gear


Skipper Tómas Kárason of Beitir NK-123

Congratulations to Síldarvinnslan


Hampiðjan congratulates Síldarvinnslan and the crew of Börkur NK-122

Finnur Friði’s DynIce warps last five times longer than steel wire


‘We have been very satisfied with the DynIce warps from Hampiðjan ever since we first had a set in 2007.

Hampiðjan Offshore launches Terra Slings


The first 100% recyclable heavy lift sling for the offshore and onshore construction market.

Hampidjan Offshore are proud to announce the launch of TERRA slings.

Reducing waste and repurposing materials is key in managing the industries impact upon the environment and creating a future proof sustainable business model.

Hampiðjan the Expertise Company 2021


The Association of Business Managers and Economists (FVH) each year holds an event known as the Expertise Day, which is a blend of a conference and an awards ceremony.

Hampiðjan congratulates Samherji


Hampiðjan congratulates Samherji and the crew of the new Vilhelm Thorsteinsson EA-11

First purse seine repair job at Hampiðjan Neskaupstaður


Norwegian pelagic vessel Rav docked in Norðfjörður on Monday last week, with a badly damaged capelin purse seine

Hampidjan Offshore established


Back in 1994, Hampidjan sold its first super-rope to the oil industry, replacing a steel wire on a seismic vessel operated by PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services).

Big fish separator works perfectly


There are Icelanders involved in fisheries all around the world. Most recently the four officers on board factory trawler Gloria have been in touch.

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