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Delighted with split codend


‘We have been using  this split codend from Hampiðjan since the spring and it has worked extremely well for us. The fish are alive and kicking as they drop down into the pounds where they are bled immediately.



Akurey’s skipper Eiríkur Jónsson has worked extensively with Hampiðjan’s fishing gear designers to come up with more efficient fishing gear, and Akurey has seen a number of new rigs on the deck.

Love at first sight


‘We’re really impressed with these new doors, and after testing them, both of us are convinced that we need to keep these. After a discussion with the company, the decision was taken to purchase the doors, so they’re staying with us,’

T90 codends on DynIce Quicklines perform well


‘Our experience of the T90 mackerel codend rigged on DynIce Quicklines has been very good and that applies to our fishing on both mackerel and herring.

All the fish come on board alive.


‘We got these new four-panel split codends in the autumn. Our experience with these has been very good. We used this type of codend a long time ago, but it was in 2013 that we first had this kind of codend in T90 netting.

Gloria trawls have served us well


‘It was probably in 1999 that we started to use Gloria trawls for fishing pelagic species and now we have four variant of this kind of trawl in our armoury of fishing gear.

Quad-rig technology for the fishing vessel of the future


There was plenty to see during the recent trip to Hirtshals organised by Hampiðjan which took a group of guests to the North Sea Centre’s flume tank.



This year Hampiðjan has concluded the acquisition of the entire shareholding of the daughter company Fjarðanet. The background to the acquisition is to establish all of Hampiðjan’s activities in Iceland into a single operation.

Another successful tank trip


‘The trip went very well and I reckon we can be sure that everyone was satisfied with how it worked out.

Economic fishing with new Thyborøn doors


A new semi-pelagic trawl door design from Danish producer Thyborøn Trawldoor looks highly promising.

Happy with the Hemmer


‘I’m very satisfied with the results after switching to the Hemmer demersal trawl.

Key platform for demonstrations and sharing ideas


Hampiðjan will be running its annual presentation of its own products as well as those of its partner companies at the North Sea Centre’s flume tank in Hirtshals from 28th to 30th of November this year.

Whole redfish fleet using Gloria pelagic gear


This all worked out very well. The Russian crew were quick to get to grips with the fishing gear.

First spadeful of earth for Fjarðanet’s new net loft


An important event in Fjarðanet’s history took place yesterday as the first spadeful of earth was taken for the company’s new net loft in the east coast fishing port of Neskaupstaður.

Hampiðjan strengthens its position on Canada’s east coast


The sale to the Hampiðjan Group has been concluded of Canadian fishing gear supplier North Atlantic Marine Services & Supply (NAMSS).

Salmon farming seeks new protein sources


That’s the message sent by Hampiðjan fishing gear designer Einar Skaftason at the Innovation Norway conference held in Bergen 6-8th March.

Saving time and effort


Every trawler crew knows the work that goes into spooling new warps onto the winch drums.

Innovations Award


Creditinfo yesterday presented Hampiðjan with an award specifically for innovation by an established company.

A quarter of a century of Hampiðjan’s flume tank trips


‘As always, the trip was very successful and those taking part were satisfied with the organisation, as well as with everything they got to see and hear.

Bringing a wealth of experience to the Hampiðjan team


Kristinn Gestsson, until recently skipper of HB Grandi’s freezer trawler Therney, has joined Hampiðjan’s fishing gear division in a sales position.

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